FAPA Award 2019-20 in Professional Category People

I had the honor to receive this first Award at the FAPA 2020 international competition in the “People Professional Photographer” category – this recognition for my work by international professionals is a breath in this particular period.

Shooting in the photographic chamber – Pigmentaire print 100x75cm ~ Namibia 2019

Fine Art Photography Awards is one of the largest award giving bodies for a community of artists ushering an era of new trends in the world of photography. Created in 2014, this competition is a melting pot for people where passion, interest, sense of beauty and openness to diversity in photography collide in intergalactic proportions. At Fine Art Photography, we seek to find artists and unique souls who breathe and live for creativity.

FAPA Awards

This photography for me is a revelation of the whole paradox of our eternal quest for human and cultural identity.

This image is the story of an improbable meeting, the idea of a photography that I expose to them without really believing, of my surprise at what they accept and take the time to pose in front of my dark chamber.

How do you manage to exist in this changing world, not to change and give up your identity? To this question, which is certainly naive on my part, she simply answers me: Because we are Himbas!