Esch-Belval stroll – first part

First part of a day on the Belval site (Luxembourg) between shadows and lights – Experimentation with a report on a smartphone – Work on a radical panoramic format which is reminiscent of these old fuji XL silver films.

Esch-Belval déambulation – second part

In their descent from outer space, luck would have it that their saucers land in the middle of continental Europe, between the Ardennes and the Eifel, in what the Terrans have decided to call the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (d’Lëtzebuerger Land).

“The first industrial wasteland to be rehabilitated is that of Belval which, with its 120 hectares located between two agglomerations, offers remarkable potential. The challenge of the Luxembourg State is to create the conditions for a rebirth of this region through the launch of a major construction program in the interest of the Cité des Sciences, equivalent to an investment of 1 billion euros.”

“The development of the Belval-Ouest wasteland is being developed according to the project of the Dutch town planner Jo Coenen, winner of an urban planning competition organized in 2001 by the development company Agora. The project includes an urban complex made up of four neighborhoods – the Terrasse des Hauts Fourneaux, Square Mile, Parc Belval and Quartier Belval – offering an exemplary quality of life thanks to a mixed allocation that will integrate services, shops, scientific and educational institutions, sports infrastructures, cultural centers and recreation. ” (Belval fund)