Exhibition ‘Equilibres’

WRP Foundation – Geneva
07 oct 2019 to 16 jan 2020

The exhibition ‘Equilibres’ presents a selection of snapshots, made in 2019 in the photographic chamber, from the ‘Snowy Day‘ and ‘Trees of Life‘ series.

Founded by Bernard Reichen and Marc Warnery, directors of the urban-planning and architecture firm REICHEN ET ROBERT & ASSOCIES, in collaboration with internationally recognised designer Christophe Pillet, the WRP Foundation is aimed at today’s and tomorrow’s professionals and plays the role of business incubator.

By supporting assertive, inspired young talents via the Foundation, Christophe Pillet and REICHEN ET ROBERT & ASSOCIES give concrete form to a topic in which they have long had a keen interest: the transfer of knowledge.

The Foundation has set itself the task of encouraging young creators’ transition into a professional life rich in innovation and excellence.

Headquartered in Geneva and present in three territories –Switzerland, France, and Morocco – whose cultures are close to its founders’ hearts, the WRP Foundation also has the ambition of being a platform for exchanges of knowledge, inspired by a principle of benevolence and a desire to “build better.”