Site follow-up

The architecture photographer’s role when documenting the site is to act as the memory…

…that of a transformation, of the announced change of a place in time, of the history of an architectural and urban project. The photographer is a witness to this metamorphosis, describing the changing sequences of the project, the people, the machines involved, an ephemeral human society. This work constitutes the photographic fund, the memory of the construction for architects, contractors, project managers and workers.

Photo reporting – in-the-field experience

The working relationship with the architect and the project owner in understanding the project, in-the-field experience, work with teams and knowledge of safety rules are essential in my work. Like all architectural photography, the choice of angles and details to reproduce in the photograph are based on the reading of building plans, competition views and choices of materials.

Site photos for what use

– Photographic background / Archives (photo library master builder, owner, …) – Site memory for each stage of progress -On-site exhibition of large format photographic prints…