Schlassgoart Gallery – Luxembourg 05.11. to 19.11.2021

Rout Lëns, our heritage, the foundation of tomorrow – Exhibition at the invitation of IKO Real Estate.

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“At the invitation of IKO Real Estate, Philippe Roguet, designer and professional photographer, has been carrying out patient work since 2020, in the photographic chamber, which makes it possible to capture the passage of time and thus immortalize this image of Luxembourg’s heritage . This heritage, the foundation of Esch yesterday, but above all the foundation of our future, tomorrow. “

Finding the logic and the meaning of the architectures, imagining what the people who worked in these vast industrial buildings could have experienced by immortalizing by the image these decorations of another time is an essential step to transmit a soul to this future. place.

An immersive photographic exhibition (more than 40 large formats on display) which will immerse us in this fascinating work. “

The Schlassgoart Gallery – a steel building with bold architecture, designed by renowned architect Benedetta Tagliabue.